Ballet 3

Class Description

Level 3 dancers have already learned basic ballet technique.  The Dancer’s goal in Level 3 is to master this technique and make it his own/her own.  Level 3 dancers will also learn how to self-correct their own technique before the teacher corrects them.  The dancer is encouraged, at this point in his/her training, to begin incorporating graceful movements into his/her technique.  They are encouraged to begin independent improvisation as well.  Level 3 dancers learn complex combinations and are encouraged to perform them independently and with grace and ease.  Level 3 dancers intensely focus on turns and jumps.  Pre-pointe exercises are also introduced, as well as proper stage presence!


Company Colored leotard, tan leotard, pink footless tights, pink ballet shoes, ballet skirt optional

Lehi / Highland Schedule

Classes Age Day Time
Level 3 Ballet by ability Thursday 5:00-6:00
Ballet Technique 9+ by invitation Tuesday 5:00-6:00

Saratoga Springs Schedule

Classes Age Day Time
Level 3 Ballet by invitation Tuesday 6:00-7:00
Ballet Technique by invitation Monday 5:00-6:00

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